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Isabel Amezaga, AKA The Glaminator is owner of MAKEUP AND THE CITY. She is an accomplished freelance makeup artist currently based in Miami, Fl. with over 15 years of experience. 


Isabel first discovered her love of makeup artistry while watching her mother. She always had a passion for makeup, hair and fashion.  She has worked for several known brands and was a Sephora Color Lead with an incredible amount of knowledge in the world of makeup and skin care.  Although she loved the energy and creative atmosphere of Sephora she eventually parted ways and began her own business.  Whether she’s working on set, a high fashion photo shoot or a bridal event.  She brings a professional demeanor and a distinct sensitivity to the goals and objectives of every job.  She is a kind hearted person, who always has a smile and brings a great energy while she works.


As an accomplished artist,  Isabel has established herself as a creative professional with an instinctive ability to bring out the unique beauty of each subject.  Her makeup style may range from clean simplicity to rogue bursts of unexpected color, but her exquisite precision and flawless technique are consistently impeccable.  She is best known for her eyeshadow blending mastering the art of seamless transitional lines.  Nothing pleases her more than creating an incredible transformation while maintaining a client's natural beauty.  She embraces every job with a fresh perspective and a unique flair. She is a creative artist, a skilled professional and an extraordinarily hard worker who takes pride in all she does, she truly loves what she does and can never see herself doing anything else.  Isabel currently has ventured into styling, hair, educational courses and product reviews creating MAKEUP AND THE CITY

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